What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Are Excellent Question Askers Not Person Tellers

A Professional is an excellent question asker and not a person teller.

This is the the heart of Customer Service.

If you have been following along with these articles, by now you know how much emphasis on Communications a Professional in this job description must have.

A person who lacks Communications skills, chiefly the ability to listen, is a dead duck. Second to listening is the ability to ask questions. Third in that list of desirable Communication skills is the ability to shut up.

If you can master those three key skills, you will absolutely make 5-10 times more money than everyone else you know. And you will be a happier well adjusted person, even if you are not one now.

Why? Ever talk to someone who seemed to know it all and just couldn’t wait to tell you, and in fact interrupted you so that they could impart some of their superior knowledge and wisdom from their obviously higher perch? How did that make you feel? You just wanted to sock ’em in the face to get them to shut up.

The important thing to remember is this. If your gums are flappin’ when you should be listening you are losing the Customer Service game and making it very difficult for you to help your Customer. Start the process by learning to close your yapper and open your ears. It is easier said then done for a lot us. (I am including myself)

Once you have listened first and generously, you can you can begin to ask questions that will get you the information you need so you can devise a solution that will lead to an action that leads to that exchange. You know, money exchanging hands.

This is really very, very simple. You merely use the information the Customer has provided you and ask if you have it right. Crazy, isn’t it.

So, it might sound like this. “Mr./Ms. Customer, I would like to ask a question. I heard you say that your personal pleasure device stopped working when you put it away for the evening, is that correct?” Then wait. This is the part where you shut up. Your Customer will tell you what you need to know if you just wait it out.

Now suppose you decided you knew exactly what the Customer was going to say before they said it and you started off the conversation like this…..

“Mr./Ms. Customer, all we need to do to get your personal pleasure device back on the road is jump start the battery. I have seen a bunch of these here in the last week or so, and every one of them just needed a jump start. I have a funny story about the time I went to ride mine and forgot to …”

Can you see the difference folks? Question Asker vs Person Teller?

In the second scenario there is not one shred of useable information from the Customer, and that is exactly whom you need the information from! Without it, there cannot be a service or product exchanged for remuneration.

No info, no dough.

Professionals are excellent questioners. They use the information provided them and ask qualifying questions that lead them to new information or confirmation of the information provided to devise a solution that leads to the exchange of service or product for remuneration and a feeling of satisfaction by the Customer.

Be Professional.

(Some of you might need a definition of the words “personal pleasure device” used in the scenarios above. It is a motorcycle.)