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Top Ways to Unwind on School Sports Tours to Lake Garda

If you are a teacher or coach planning on taking your teams on school sports tours to Lake Garda, plenty of excitement and boundary-pushing awaits. Be it for rugby, football, basketball or any other team sport, the chance to train and play competitively in an international setting is bound to be inspirational and challenging.

With all that hard work, your budding sports heroes will need some chances to unwind, and this is where Lake Garda comes into its own as a destination. With many of Italy’s loveliest towns within day trip distance, you can enjoy plenty of sightseeing and culture – but there’s a lot to experience closer to your base of operations as well. Here are a few of the activities that can be enjoyed as part of school sports tours in the vicinity.

Visit Gardaland

The competitive games played on school sports tours can be fun, but are also serious work – so some lighter recreation activities may be in order. A trip to Gardaland could provide just that. One of Europe’s top theme parks, located on Lake Garda’s eastern shores, it has been expanding and growing ever more popular since the 70s. The park boasts six roller coasters – some of them only for the most adventurous, but offering wonderful views of the lake from the top – plus gentler rides, a train, a variety of entertaining shows, 4D cinemas, food outlets and a festive atmosphere. After letting off some steam with this fun outing, your team should be ready to give it their all on the pitch or the court.

Enjoy the food

Any visit to Italy is an excellent chance to try some of the world’s best food, and the active components of school sports tours are sure to build up an appetite in your students. The culinary highlight of this particular location is the quality and freshness of ingredients available from the lake itself and its fertile surroundings. From the protein-rich fish dishes, such as the popular local sun-dried lake fish, to the feel-good factor of colourful pizzerias and gelato parlours, there is much to enjoy and nourish any keen young team players.

Evening activities

It’s inevitable that, on school sports tours, some evenings will be low-key with students wanting to enjoy some well-deserved rest at the hotel after playing local teams. However, on other nights they may be keen to enjoy some of the evening activities that Lake Garda has to offer. A bowling trip is one option, allowing your team keep their competitive spirit keen in a laid-back atmosphere. Or let them take on a very different kind of challenge with a karaoke evening, before getting some well-earned rest so as to be ready for another day of sporting adventure.